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I Salute Flagship and my Loan Officer Ryan

Oct 27 2008
Dear Friends at Flagship,

I just now received and noticed this testimonials type of email to reply to and of course. My loan officer there, Mr. Ryan Johnson, went "above and beyond the call of duty" on my behalf during the coarse of my loan application and funding.

Mid way through the paperwork, we realized that the bug inspection had not been completed by the local Terminex inspectors here.  The report was done but never faxed to you folk as of all things, the gal was on vacation.

Then, just before final approval and funding, my personal Agent/Broker's daughter passed away suddenly and out of respect for her and her family, we elected to wait for the closing, which finally was on 22 September 2008.

I am a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and a Navy Commendation Medal awardee from my service in Vietnam 1968-1969.  I returned home, never got a "thanks" and never a parade.  After over 35 years, you folks and Ryan Johnson were my "Parade" and my "thanks".

I salute your continued efforts in the arena of helping US Veterans obtain a home and a VA Home Mortgage through your fine organization.

Blessings and thank you,

Marshall Morris
Mebane, North Carolina
26 October 2008

I never though FHA loans would be so great

May 11 2006
I had heard about FHA loans from time to time, but just assumed since it was some kind of federal loan, that I had to be in a special area or something to use it; you know like in a hurricane zone or something. Anyway I went to your site and in a day or two I was contacted by a great loan officer who helped get me approved right away. I now have the home of my dreams and my payments are way lower than what others were offering me on high rate loans and who knows what else. Thanks LowFHALoanRates, you made my dreams come true.
Nate Radcliffe
Akron, Ohio

Paid my Bankruptcy right off!

Feb 23 2006

The day we filed bankruptcy was one of the worst days of our lives. We just got behind on one credit card and then the next and next and before we knew it, we had no other options but to declare BK. When we heard through a friend that the people at LowFHALoanRates.com might be able to get us permission from the Trustee and then payoff all our remaining debts, cleaning off our BK and having even lower monthly payments by rolling it into one loan, we thought it was too good to be true. We can't thank you enough for helping us with all of this!

Trujillo Family

Atlanta, GA

Man you guys are FAST!

May 28 2008
I was amazed at how quickly one of your preferred lenders called me after submitting my information on your website. Not only did I recieve a phone call quickly, but the representative who called me was very professional too. Thanks guys!


Spencer L (Utah)

I love the website

I have seen many websites over time that seem to cater to veterans, however they usaully have tons of useless information or are too hard to navigate. I love how simple this site is to find information on and I feel it really helped me understand the process of buying my first home with the VA.

Thanks a lot LowVARates.


James M (Kent, Oh)

Amazing Employee

May 19 2008


My name is William Cubbage. I have recently been working with Shawn at Flagship Mortgage on re-financing my VA home loan. I feel I am making a very minimal gesture in emailing a big thank you to Shawn.

I called Flagship in a last effort to save my home and spoke with Shawn. This young man has an attitude and overall demeanor that is a rare find in this day and age. Shawn was very up-beat with all our phone conversations and I was left to feel as if my situation with my home was in good hands. The quality of character that I have experienced with Shawn is not only commendable but one that sets the bar for others emulate. In closing I will say that Shawn has been an absolute pleasure to work with if not a blessing. I personally think he has been both.

Sincerely: William Cubbage